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Top Ten This Month!
#1- Fusion Cash
#2- MemoLink

#3- Panda Research #4- MyPoints
#5- Treasure Trooper
#6- Cash Crate
#7- GlobalTestMarket

#8- Surveys4Profitmake money doing surveys

Below is a list of Legit Survey Sites to make money doing surveys that I get free cash from and have PERSONALLY been a member of. Better yet, all of them are 100% free. The only money switching pockets is from theirs to yours. I recommend picking around 5 of them, because different people might like certain ones better than the next (even though you can make good cash online with any one of them).

So, what I would do is pick a hand full, try each out, and see which four or five you like the best. This is the surest way to make money doing surveys and get cash for free in the shortest amount of time. I have weeded out the bad ones and I ONLY list the top Paid Survey Sites. Click on any of the links below to get started (they each open in a new browser window so you can come right back for the next) and come back for the rest after you complete the signup. You won't believe how easy it is. Also, Check out my blog on the left of the website.

It is updated weekly with information that will help you get paid cash even faster. Also, check out my "Paid Surveys Tips & Tricks" page and my "Learn How" Page if you need the extra knowledge to help you earn the cash you need, quick. You can always go to my blog for constant updates on news on what is working and who is paying! Each survey site below will open up in a new window, so after you are done with one, you can always just close that window and you will be right back here!


#1 - FUSION CASH --- The name says it all. Fusion Cash has fast payouts and instant payment system. Not only ar ethey my favorite choice to make money doing surveys and get cash for free online, but for a while, they were my "only" choice. That's how good they were to me. What I can say is that they have the highest paying survey offers you will find and they approve lightning fast. They also give you the option to get paid via a Paypal payment OR Direct Deposit. That's pretty awesome right there! Here's what I like about them the best, though" You never run out of new ones to take. They have a constantly rotating list, so you have new, fresh ones every single day. At other sites, you have to wait and wait. Not here. Their support is top notch and the site is very easy to navigate. Click here to fuse your cash!

#2 - GLOBAL TEST MARKET --- If you've ever wondered who the "Grandfather" of the paid survey industry was, then you've finally found them. Because of their experience and trustworthiness, they can give absolute top dollar for their and get paid for free with their survey offers. Companies that want to get their information out and have people help them tune products and services know that Global Test Market is the longest standing survey site, so they are willing to give you more cash than the average website. I've been able to make money doing surveys with them for over 4 years now and they just seem to get better with age. Try Them Out Here.

#3 - IPSOS --- They are one of the "big guns". Everywhere you go, you hear their name, and with good reason. While they may not have as many high paying surveys at the top 2, they are way more than just a worthy companion to them. You will not find a more honest, fun and down to earth place for completing surveys. Along with cash for surveys, they have all sorts of sweepstakes, car give-a-ways, $5000 give-a-ways and so many other things to win, all on top of getting your cash for surveys.

# 4 - MEMO LINK--- Here is another well organized site, with a bunch of high paying ways to make money doing surveys online. They give you the option to cash out your earning whenever you want, with the click of your mouse. They also send emails on a daily basis, so all you have to do is read your email when you get the chance and you earn that way too. Memo Link also gives you cash back for shopping at places you already shop at. Memo Link is by far the fastest growing paid survey site. Click here to start filling your pockets.

#5 - CASH CRATE --- I have had great success with them. Not average...but great. Their list of survey offers to get cash for free online is absolutely huge. They are very quick to approve your finished paid surveys and they send you a check at the same time every single month. They also have a Forum for you do ask questions and see what other members find are the best money makers. My last payout from them was $162. Click here to join for free.

#6 - TREASURE TROOPER --- This was my very first venture into this way of earning extra income. If it wasn't for them, I probably wouldn't be earning this way right now. They might not pay as much as the top couple of websites, but they make up for it in the shorter survey offers that they have. With the shorter ones, you can actually end up making more income in the long run. On top of that, they are quick, so you can breeze through one and move onto the next.

#7 - SNAP DOLLARS --- Money in a Snap, it's almost as simple as that. One look at the front of their website and you know they will help you make money doing surveys and get free cash online. Snap Dollars has been around for a long time and there is a reason for that. They keep their members happy with newly updated lists and they pay pretty darn well. Heck, you can even make more doe with them from the emails they send to you regularly, simply by viewing ads. I remember first joining Snap Dollars back in 2006 and they are just as good now in 2010. Click here to start raking in the income.

#8 - OPINION SQUARE --- They have a very easy layout to navigate and the paid surveys offers are top notch and high paying. Very similar to Snap Dollars and just as fun. Opinion sends you emails every single time there is a survey for you to do, and you can also check their site wall the time to see even more surveys that you can complete. Click here to start raking in the cash.


Earning Potential---
For those of you with no credit cards, don't worry, you can still make money doing surveys and get free cash online. With all of these reviews, I did not take into account the various "trial" offers that many websites now have to offer us. Right now there are over 150 free offers, and more are added regularly. So far I have made well over $1000 doing these offers over the course of my membership, and lots of people have made much more.

After signing up to Fusion Cash, take a look through the forum and see what all of the other big earners are finding helpful to earn more income. I can't stress the use of the foum enough. It got me to where I am right now. There are many topics on how to get referrals there. It's an absolute awesome way to make money doing surveys and get free cash online, expecially if you enjoy the site you're promoting. You aren't taking any money away from your referral at all.

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Top Ten This Month!
#1- Fusion Cash
#2- MemoLink

#3- Panda Research
#4- MyPoints
#5- Treasure Trooper
#6- Cash Crate
#7- GlobalTestMarket

#8- Surveys4Profit

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